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FSD Plus

Facial Skin Care Device (FSD) – Puts cutting-edge, light based anti-aging treatments in the hands of Spas and Salons. Now, also available with an acne clearing kit. With FSD, MicroPhototherapy treatments soften lines, homogenize tone, decrease pore size, improve texture, and enhances the absorption of lotion and creams.


Softens Fine Lines

Homogenize Skin Tone

Decrease Pore Size

Improve Skin Texture

Enhance Absorption of Creams and Lotions

Acne Clearance


LHE MicroPhototherapy – Based on clinically proven principals of LHE technology where light and heat work in conjunction to combat the signs of aging. Tired and aging skin is smoothed, tightened, and toned with pulses of light and heat. Simultaneously, heat opens pores to enhance the absorption of creams and lotions, intensifying even the simplest of facials.


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